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Mitaka Project

By 4 December 2020December 14th, 2020No Comments

Presented on the occasion of the II National Congress of the Italian Federation of Emergency and Catastrophes Medicine, the “Mitaka Project”, is a computer system of operational support to emergency medicine or to the Military Rescuer and all health personnel, implemented on specific guidelines verified by the Training Department of the Army Health and Veterinary School, in accordance with NATO operational protocols.

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Mitaka (Military – Tablet Aid – Kombat Area), is a technological tool realized thanks to the collaboration with “In manibus meis”, an Italian company that develops software and hardware for interventions in major emergencies, could soon be adopted by the Defense Forces to significantly facilitate first relief operations to the wounded.

The system is based on the use of mobile hardware devices (tablets and laptops, suitable and resistant for use in the field, multiparametric monitors for the detection of vital functions of the wounded to be transmitted to the first available medical location) – integrated software applications, to equip the military medical personnel in the area of operation.

Consisting of a Tablet application and a web interface for data management and visualization, the project represents an innovative system of control in sanitary scenarios, specific for operational needs of military rescuers and medical personnel in particular.


Assignment of a unique alphanumeric code, generated directly by the application, for the identification of patients that, marked on the Triage cards in use to the rescue team, allows precise control of the patient’s location from his first aid to the final destination, within the chain of evacuation and health treatment.

Electronic flow-chart for triage operations of victims (decision support or aide memoire) to the military rescuer, designed according to NATO algorithms and with the ability to collect information to be made available in real time, to every member of the rescue team.

Integration and exchange of electronic data/information in real time with the server (normally located at Role 1 – Advanced Medical Post) with “Nine Line” message, including key information, such as, the equipment necessary to facilitate medical evacuation operations.

Incremental collection of clinical patient data for the benefit of all complex field rescue operations.

Visualization in specific updating sheets of each patient on the field, by the most qualified professional figure in the scenario, for a more effective use of available resources and to add more thorough clinical checks to critical patients, in dedicated areas (Safe Area/MTF).

Possibility of internet connection for transmission of all data at a distance.


  1. In an operational scenario, the injured person on the ground will bring with him all information related to his rescue, necessary, from the first intervention in the field to the following levels of treatment.
  2. Guarantee of a single method of intervention and management of rescue activities, combined with an immediate storage of all information useful for the proper lead of operations.
  3. Continuous availability of data for any subsequent debriefing process.

The use of the Mitaka System, adequately equipped and supported for use in operation, will allow an optimization and rationalization of management costs of a complex health intervention, allowing:

  • to have an immediate picture of the situation of the accident in the field for “increasing levels of complexity” and to acquire “in real time” the complete data set on patients to be treated (number of injured persons and their clinical conditions/severity color codes), in addition to data relating all operators involved;
  • to mobilize and activate the best means of rescue and evacuation in response to real needs, being able to monitor the activity and constantly knowing who is carrying a certain means, who is the operator and what are the conditions of the patient;
  • to require the activation and use of only the health facilities and facilities really needed, thus eliminating unnecessary waste of material and human resources and the most important factor in a health intervention, time.

The video on the presentation of the “Mitaka Project” is available on Difesa Webtv, clicking here

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