IN MM® provides a service of assistance on its products and/ or services provided.

The main parameters used by IN MM® to ensure Service Level Agreements are:

Time of take-over of the anomaly: it is the time going on between the opening of a trouble ticket and the moment we start to manage the problem;

Maximum recovery time: is the time between taking charge of the problem and restoring the service.

The maintenance and the respect of the level of service offered is guaranteed by the technical team of INMM®, organized to offer the following services:

Help Desk and Customer Care business hours, with service hours from Monday to Friday, excluding Italian national and religious holidays, from 9:00 to 18:00.

Assistance Desk and Operational Continuity outside of business hours, interventions available on 24h, 7x7gg.


To ensure that its technological solutions are as effective as possible, IN MM® considers it necessary that all personnel called upon to use their systems are trained according to a defined, demonstrated and validated process by a minimum level of operational ability.

The recent provisions on company quality privilege, in fact, training activities in which the keeping of nominal registers demonstrates the training process of learners and their related skills acquired throughout their professional career.

For this reason, IN MM® organizes dedicated and customized training courses according to the specific needs of users, with the support of related teaching material, diversified on the basis of the different professional figures involved.

The methods used for teaching/learning give priority to a strictly interactive approach.

The training program includes:

– theoretical lectures with express demonstration of platform capabilities

– interactivity between teachers and learners

– practical tests for the use of systems

– practical exercises in simulated scenarios

– final assessment tests

The verification of acquired skills and capabilities takes place in two distinct phases:

– during the course of teaching activities, during the exercises provided for in the program.

Through practical tests at the end of the teaching activities.

Initial training should be followed by regular updates.


IN MM® is available to provide advice, for the evaluation of specific requests and needs of customers, in order to proceed with a customization of their systems.


Each customization request shall include:

– an analysis of the existing situation and any additional requirements, which the company must be able to carry out on the basis of the documents provided by the Customer and through support actions.

– the definition of a proposal for the development and implementation of customization, with its technical and economic offer produced by the company.

the implementation of the identified solution and its integration within the system.

– a final test to verify the proper functioning of the customized system.

The Project Team consists of a “mixed” working group, composed of consultants of IN MM® and corporate managers who will work closely together for the duration of works. The presence of consultants by the Customer is fundamental to the success of the project. The same resources that have been involved in the phases of: analysis and identification of requirements, definition and validation of target solutions, testing and inspection tests. Regular meetings will be defined for the verification the work in progress and the evaluation of criticality and deviations from the original planning.