INMM® provides advanced medical technology systems, including patient tracking, screening and management for a wide spectrum of healthcare professionals. Providing information and support systems for first aid rescue teams, doctors, coastal guards, ambulance crew and for military rescuers. Electronic guides help to bridge language barriers and foster interoperability with all agencies, in multinational scenarios.

We provide wearable technology for remote monitoring of biometric parameters, for operational security purposes and support data collection on casualties, delivering data transmission from disaster site to the treatment facilities, ultimately allowing the responders to manage rescue operations safely and efficiently. Our telemedicine technologies also provide an automatic compilation of health reports, with the ability to transfer data via the platform and allowing immediate remote control of their patients.

  • TRAMA®– wearable technology for continuous monitoring of physiological data and geolocalisation.
  • MAXXIE™– integrated system for coordinated rescue intervention in complex event and patient tracking.
  • IT-HEALTH™– system for screening and health profiling of foreign citizens.
  • MCCS™– dedicated system for emergency assistance in the military field.
  • GENUS KIT™ – is an innovative solution that integrates and exploits the MAXXIE and IT-HEALTH allows the transmission of the patient’s parameters in real time using wireless technologies in confluence with a series of enclosed medical devices.any Profile
  • Innovation in the Healthcare assistance
  • Innovative research and development projects, along with patents already filed
  • Registered NATO supplier
  • Training Facilities for up to 100 scholars
  • Continuous astringent testing on field before release
  • EASA complaint solutions

The company is certified ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001

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CEO - Member of the ICT Safety Management Group

Sabrina Menghini

R&D coordinator

Daniele Pazzi

R&D coordinator
Technical office coordinator - Member of the ICT Security Management Group

Saverio Macchia

Technical office coordinator - Membro del Gruppo per la gestione della sicurezza ICT
Customer Care Italy - Member of ICT Security Management Group

Ascanio Ciriaci

Customer Care Italy - Membro del Gruppo per la gestione della sicurezza ICT
Senior Analyst - Advanced Biohazard equipment and technologies

Francesco Bongiorno

Senior Analyst -
Advanced Biohazard equipment and technologies


  • Being able to track patients at all steps, from the place of recovery to dismissal, reporting all actions of treatment, register clinical conditions with increasing documentation.
  • Provide decision support and reduce the chances of clinical mistakes, guiding the operator to carry out all required actions of that specific event through a framework representing necessary activities.
  • Support to communication, the exchange of information becomes persistent and constantly accessible between central operational rescuers, health facilities and government agencies.


  • Continuous field tests with end users, in Antarctica, Afghanistan, on the peaks of Dhalaugiri etc… (reports and tests available on request).
  • Specific certifications about the ability of our systems to be understood, learned, used and attractive to users, when used under specified conditions [ISO/IEC 2001]



Development of a device-based "beta" version (PDA) of a software for DATA COLLECTION on injuries, in emergency conditions outside hospital.


Implementation of the beta version through the introduction of FLOW CHARTS in order to avoid manual input for operators in critical environmental conditions, suggest and speed up diagnostic paths, and contribute to the reduction of clinical errors.ambientali critiche, suggerire e velocizzare i percorsi diagnostici, e contribuire alla riduzione degli errori clinici.


Development of a HUB for the data collection to make it usable by the interested structures also at a distance; study of all communication channels that can be used for the transmission and coordinated monitoring of data.


Development of RFID bracelets to be weared by patients and able to record data collected from devices in the hands of rescuers, including geo-localization signals of the injured.


Implementation of diversified protocols (workflows) based on professional profiles and taylorized templates based on the skills of each and specific scenarios.


Continuous and dynamic monitoring of vital signs (through wearable bio-medical devices) to ensure that data on injuries are shared along the entire chain of relief (from the place of injury to entry into hospitals) MITAKA®


Development of a version of the Taylorized System for the needs of the Air Expeditionary Task of the Italian Air Force, which is based on NATO rescue protocols, to guarantee the continuous and dynamic collection of data on injuries-algorithms that conform to the MIMMS doctrine MCCS®.


Development of a wearable device based on NFC technology for writing, storage and subsequent use of clinical data of injured persons - MED TAG


Development of a wearable device based on NFC technology to display severity level of injuries, assigned by the operator and constantly upgradeable.


Study of mobile sites with the capacity to offer teleconsultation to support operations.