MAXXIE Dynamic Patient
Tracking System

The innovation for Patient Safety Monitoring

This dynamic and complete System, based on client/server applications, which coordinates resources and human resources in Complex Event Management. It makes use of GENUS TAG developed on IN MM®  technology, which allows to trace the patient during each activity and preserve his clinical history.




  • OPERATIONAL ROLES assignment of the operational role in the command chain, display of the field of action data parameterized according to the role assumed.
  • OPERATOR PROFILING  the software profiles the user and offers a set of optimised and selected screens, aimed at facilitating the flow of data entry.
  • CONTROL ROOM operations centre functions to coordinate, integrate and provide input information from rescuer client devices and automatic messaging.

GENUS TAG is the innovation for patient tracking.

  • PATIENT MANAGEMENT – assigning the unique identifier via the wearable GENUS TAG for automatic tracking of information and activities related to it.
  • AIDE MEMOIRE – electronic guides for triage, first and second level processing operations in accordance with the operational protocol of the institution in question.
  • GEOLOCALISATION constant mapping of the affected area and those involved, for a correct assignment and management of the intervention teams.
  • ELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORD – the Genus Tag stores the history of clinical information associated with the individual patient even after the emergency.


MAXXIE™ System is subject to continuous checks and tests in simulation exercises both in civil and military life, during which it is compared with previous methodologies. It was the subject of the doctoral thesis: “Eco-Distributed real-time computer systems to support cooperative work in emergency scenarios” in which it was shown that technology reduces execution times, error range and increases the relevance to protocols. The system has been patented since 2007 and the level of usability certified according to ISO/IEC 2001 a

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