The company is certified ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO/IEC 27001, has obtained the ISO/IEC 2001 usability certification, it is also the holder of three patents and is a registered NATO supplier.

At IN MM®  the Information Security Management System is in force, in accordance with ISO/IEC 2001.

We care about the security, confidentiality, availability and integrity of information resources, in any form or support.

We will continue to invest in ensuring data security and data protection from third party breaches.

Certification 27001ISO 9001 certification


In today’s world of information technology, as in civil society, the paradigm is no longer that of a castle to be defended, but that of an open world without borders, which draws life from relationships.

We therefore have two ambitions:

  • The first: to use the state of the art technology to maximize and expand the value of relationships.
  • The second: to design a system that dynamically protects relationships and data, treating in an agnostic way their birth, their end, and their dissemination within the network.

Thanks to a different way of thinking and constantly updating us on the latest intrusion techniques, we have put in place an information system based on four pillars: operativity, resilience, agility and updating.

In addition to having the certification for the ISO27001 safety standard, IN MM pays the utmost attention to scrupulously respecting the core principles of the GDPR and the protection of personal data.

After passing the certifications, we immediately felt the strategic need to do more, testing ourselves with ethical hackers, the precious reflections born from comparison allowed us to go further and to make even more effective decisions, regarding the implementation of Cybersecurity processes.

There was no lack of attention to the weak link of the chain: the human side.

To this end, all our staff is constantly subjected to phishing, smishing and social engineering techniques, to test the level of reliability, after such approaches in appropriate debriefing, will lead to solving of criticalities and achievement of objectives.

We are therefore proud to make available to our stakeholders a value chain based on digital bases at the highest level of reliability.

IN MM aims to promote innovation and protect technological advantage.