GENUS kit™ User Biometric
Parameters Monitoring and
Telemedicine System


 platforms MAXXIE e IT-HEALTH

Health devices for the detection of vital parameters of patients in home care and telemedicine with the use of artificial intelligence AI



Telemonitoring and Telemedicine System (2) Remote Patient Monitoring Regulations

GENUS kit  is an innovative solution that integrates and exploits the MAXXIE  and
IT-HEALTH  platforms, (applications installed upon smartphones and tablets) to provide the automatic compilation of health reports by continuously monitoring patients’ vital parameters. This offers the ability to transfer data via a telemedicine platform, allowing health professionals to have immediate remote control of their patients.

Telemonitoring and Telemedicine System (2) Remote Patient Monitoring Regulations

GENUS ensures a reduction of patient travel to medical facilities and enables continuous remote monitoring of specific parameters and health factors. If abnormal parameters are detected, the appropriate staff will be alerted, offering rapid responses and assisting the patient remotely.

This kit allows constant monitoring and ensures a specific health care service can control and activate specialised and professional opinions via remote consultation. This advanced telemonitoring technology, can also provide alternative care for those needing to isolate due to COVID19.

This kit is easily transportable and is supported by a technical care service, providing training/verification of data collection and also sanitization processes.


GENUS Kit™ devices:

  • CONTROL – Severe type I and type II diabetes
  • CONTROL – Chronic heart and cardiorespiratory failure
  • ASSISTANCE -COPD chronic obstructive respiratory failure
  • ASSISTANCE – Patients with strokes or transient ischemic attacks
  • ANALYSEPatients with pathology related to Covid19

Saturator for measuring peripheral O2 saturation– NIBP non-invasive blood pressure gauge
– POC for the measurement of blood parameters
– Glucometer
– Electronic scale
– Continuous ECG or electrocardiograph
– Respiratory rate detector
– Ultrasound
– Radiological and ultrasound imaging system
– System for sending photographic images (diabetic foot, etc.)

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