IT-HEALTH Health Monitoring System

Mobile Healthcare Technology Information

It is the system of screening and management of the health information flow of foreign citizens and international travellers, useful for profiling the health card.

The System that supports health professionals to assess the health through first evaluation & screening.


System of Screening and Management

IT-HEALTH™ manages the identification of subjects through the assignment of an encrypted code within GENUS TAG.

The software applications IT-HEALTH™ allows the collection of health information through intuitive input from both  client devices such as tablets and smartphones – directly from the Hot Spot and desktop systems from the reception facilities

The GENUS TAG has a small memory that preserves the identifier assigned to the subject and allows you to trace the entire clinical history. However, data will be available through IT-HEALTH™server sharing.

Health Management Systems

IT-HEALTH™ allows the overall visualisation and summary of all interventions. The data, in addition to being available in real time, can be exported in the most popular electronic formats for printing or following consultation/ analysis

IT-HEALTH™ guarantees safety and traceability mechanisms for each operation. Operators can access the system when they are accredited and qualified by professional profiles and various activities. This enables screening, and access to consultation and management.


Monitoring System

In the case of a patient arriving from an epidemiological area at risk,
IT-HEALTH™ provides the necessary support to deepen screening activities and send an alert message to the operations center.

GENUS TAG is the innovation for health profiling

HEALTH PROFILING – GENUS TAG is the wearable device that allows the assignment of the identifier for the profiling and automatic tracking of health information and subsequent actions.

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